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Show Entry Form

Schooling Show Entry Form 

Whiting’s Neck Equestrian Center (WNEC)

Schooling Show Entry Form


Please include only one horse and rider combination per entry form.   Incomplete forms will not be accepted. Please make as many copies of this form as needed.  Signature, payment and proof of negative Coggins (within 12 months) must be included for entry to be accepted.  A riding helmet, properly secured with a harness, must be worn by anyone while mounted on a horse or pony on WNEC grounds.


Name of Horse








































It is recognized that equestrian activities are hazardous to participants, regardless of all feasible safety measures which can be taken.

Each participant in an equestrian activity expressly assumes the risk of and legal responsibility for any injury, loss or damage to person or property which results from participation in an equestrian activity. Each participant shall have the sole individual responsibility for knowing the range of his or her own ability to manage, care for, and control a particular horse or perform a particular equestrian activity, and it shall be the duty of each participant to act within the limits of the participant's own ability, to maintain reasonable control of the particular horse or horses at all times while participating in an equestrian activity, to heed all posted warnings, to perform equestrian activities only in an area or in facilities designated by WNEC and to refrain from acting in a manner which may cause or contribute to the injury of anyone. If while actually riding in an equestrian event, any participant collides with any object or person, except an obviously intoxicated person of whom WNEC management is aware, or if the participant falls from the horse or from a horse-drawn conveyance, the responsibility for such collision or fall shall be solely that of the participant or participants involved and not that of WNEC management.

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Rider’s Name  (Please Print)                         Rider’s Signature (Parent/Guardian

                                                                        If under 18)



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Email Address


For questions on our upcoming show, please call us or email at whitingsneckeqcenter@yahoo.com

Whiting's Neck Equestrian Center * 391 Steeplechase Lane* Martinsburg * WV * 25404
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